A Review on the Best Seaward Pat Testers

Seaward is the US primarily based electric checking out system manufacturing organization and is the main manufacturer of check gadget for Pat Testing and high voltage electric trying out. The business enterprise, established in 1982, gives entire checking out solutions to help agencies and groups keep most reliable stages of electrical protection.  

Here is a review some of the nice PAT trying out the device by this logo. Seaward has segregated its solar battery testers into 4 categories: 


Basic Pat Testers

This pat tester is simple to apply and is derived with a simple push-button action. The tester has long battery life and might without problems conduct 5000 tests on a single fee. It's capable of testing Class I and Class II equipment along with some of the commercial enterprise and IT equipment as properly.  

Prime Test a hundred

Prime a hundred is one of the satisfactory on this category. It's clean to use and is battery powered. Just like the Prime 50, it's also able to try out both, Class I and Class II gadget in addition to commercial enterprise and IT electric equipment.  

Advanced Pat Testers

Prime 350 is battery powered and is capable of each USB as well as Bluetooth download. It can carry out 250-watt insulation assessments, Alternative leakage assessments as well as load control.  

Supernova Plus

This one is capable of performing flash take a look at, has a huge 5000 facts reminiscence and without problems programmable take a look at sequences.  

Prime Test three hundred

Capable of Bluetooth and wireless facts switch, this PAT tester is battery powered to enable mains-unfastened operation. It comes whole with a full keypad and graphical show.  

Handheld Pat Testers (Mains Powered)

The exceptional in this category is the Europa PAC Plus. It's extraordinarily easy to apply. It has a big display screen and may carry out complete checks. This is the only tester this is capable of printing outcomes at once from the tester. It comes enclosed in a protecting rubber holster.  

PAT/Installation Tester

This is a PAT tester and an Installation Checker. This one is likewise battery powered to ensure most Portability. It incorporates a digital reader and is capable of performing no-experience loop checks as well as RCD test, besides all different everyday PAT checks.  

Prime Test 2 hundred PAT/Installation/DMM

This is likewise a three-in-One PAT tester, DMM tester as well as an Installation Checker. Like all other Seaward Testers, this too is battery powered to permit maximum portability. It's able to act each, Class I and Class II tests in addition to assessments for enterprise and IT equipment.  

Prime Test 220

Prime 220 comes with an easy to operate, rotary transfer mechanism, rechargeable Ni/MH Batteries and is capable of appearing RCD measurements and all kinds of Class I and Class II test sequences. It can carry out Business and IT system trying out as properly.

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